Friday, June 24, 2011

The Nervousness in the Local Government Election.

The count down is coming to an end, and everybody is nervous and curious to finish it off. With only SHORT- three days left, the Election Commission and the Dzongkhag Election offices are gearing up for yet another Hectic and Historic event in the history of our country.

The Commission people are spending sleepless nights trying to make the election as smooth as the 2008 election or even a better one. The Office (ECB) has appointed Returning Officers (RO), Assistant Returning Officers (ARO) and National Observers for the 1st Local Government Election.

The Dzongkhag Election offices, in their own capacity has done all the ground works for the poll to happen on 27th June, 2011. The office has done with the appointment of Prisiding Officers and Polling Officers who have begun to move to their respective Polling stations latest by 26th June. The Armed forces (RBA and RBP) are assisting the country to conduct the election without any hinderence.

The contestants, on the other hand, are nervous about the poll day and the results that will follow. Some of them have begun performing great Pujas and some of them are visiting Temples to ask help from the god. Their people have begun gathering in the village to vote.

What ever the situation be, every citizen is preparing for the first Local Government Election to choose their Gup, Mangmi and Tshogpa.

Let us vote for the right person......

Pelden Drukpa......Cholay Namgyal....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Druk Super Star

With most good singer out of the competition, Druk Super Star is becoming charmless. I don't mean to say that the present singers are not good. but some of the singers who were eliminated were very good singers. An when such good singers are out, the viewers and specially the voters should ask this question: Are we choosing the right person?

Now with the present group of singers, I think the competition is going to become Druk Money Star and not Druk Super Star because money is going to vote.

Now the viewers in the country should vote for the REAL GOOD singer and not for BAD but Money-Made Good singer,