Sunday, July 24, 2011

Post Election

All the components of Democratic country are now in place with the recent Local Government (LG) Election that was done on 27th June, 2011. It went as it was planned and expected by the government and the Election commission of Bhutan (ECB) but it is very sad to see and hear the post election happenings in the country.

In the First place, ECB has failed to provide the remunerations to the election officials after their duty. the officials expected the money as soon as they returned as promised by some of the ROs. But when the officials  (most of whom were teachers and the dzongkhag Officials) returned it was disheartening to hear that the budget from ECB has not come. Now, whose fault was it; the ECB or the dzongkhag election office? They should have informed the officials about the issue before they went for the duty. 

On the other hand, the officials should have patience and wait for a while. I am sure ECB will not leave us empty handed. It is a shameful to hear the ECB announcing about the issue on the TV. We should understand the tremendous pressure the ECB went through during the election. The officials there had the unthinkable job and it was all done for the nation- Us...

What ever may be, the officials who went for duty are furious but nobody can do anything. I guess the ECB is also pressurized by the officials for their delay. So lets wait see what happens.

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