Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pet or stray

The MoH and the Royal Government of Bhutan is encouraging the citizens to walk or ride cycles while traveling, at least around the town. But the situation is not suitable for the above healthy habits.

Keeping in mind the health benefits, i walked all the day in and around the capital while shopping. I refrained from taking a cab or city bus, but i was made to portray my athletic skills which made me to promise never to walk anymore.

I was walking behind the zangthopelri shopping complex with shopping bags in my hand last Sunday, when a huge dog chased me. I had to run for my life and the wild beast had fun chasing me. The owner of the dog did not even bother to call his dog back.

The chasing was ignited by another pet dog who just barked at anyone one passing by. The owner proudly looked at his puppy when it barked at the people.

Now the question here is; Is our capital society really friendly for people who doesn't own cars or those who loves walking? Whose fault is it?

It is good that people show their love towards animals by owning them as pets, but i guess the owner should also be responsible to look after them. They should respect other people and their lives. They should tie their pets or keep them inside instead of letting them out and then watching it chase someone.

This is not a very serious issue, but i am sure it should be looked in with another thought.

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