Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Paradox of Bhutan Telecom Bonus
Bhutan has come a long way in her pursuit of developed nation. Bhutan today can boast of two mobile service providers which weren’t there few years ago. Bhutan Telecom, being the senior in the market and the sheer size had many advantages over his junior Tcell.
BMobile under the umbrella of Bhutan Telecom, has taken a step ahead in telecommunication with introduction of Bwallet services in the nation. It teamed up with BNB and BoB for the service which was warmly received by the customers and I was one of them.
As a tool to attract customers and to celebrate special occasions, Bmobile announces many bonuses for the customers. A good example could be blessed rainy day where BMobile announced a 30% bonus for every recharge on the day.
On the day, I recharged my balance but was shocked to know that BWallet wasn’t working. I thought my bank balance may not be enough though I had few thousands, but it was same with others too. After BoB Bwallet service failed, I tried with BNB but it was not better.
If BMobile and banks didn’t want to give bonuses, why did BMobile send us message? I guess it was just to show their rival. I was soo disappointed as I could not call or wish my loved ones. The service worked only by 5 in evening but by the time service returned the charm of wishing the occasion was gone.
I could recharge as I work in a remote place and on the other hand I depended too much on Bmobile’s Bwallet service. As a lower class people, I waited for the day to recharge hoping for few ngultrums of bonus but it ruined my day.
This is the paradox of the bonus announced by BWallet, a bar to protect customers going out of their ring but I wonder how long BMobile can survive with such false promises. And on the other hand, I wish TCell come up with services better than the Big brother where we have choices.

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