Monday, September 7, 2015

sharing the pride and the shame

The recent (humiliation, as said by some on social media) defeat by the Qatar by 15-0 has left some of the football lovers in the country pointing the fingers to the team- the dragon boys.
But I don’t think the blame goes to the team or the coach or the BFF. The blame should be shared by the Government, the business organization, the public and the football lovers.
The Dragon Boys (From google)
Our government is failing to pump in resources for a better national squad. All our players are servicemen or students who have different jobs to earn their living. They play the game as a passion and not as a career. It is high time that our government pump in resources to have a full-time national team. The players ought to be paid at least to sustain themselves.
The business organizations in our country should be shameful for not fulfilling their social responsibility. The business people never think of sponsoring any major football leagues or team. I know it will be wrong to compare to country like UK but at least we can learn from them. EPL, the greatest football league in the world gets billions of dollars from sponsorship.
It’s only recently that the public is beginning to recognize football as a game but it’s very sad to see that not many are willing to spare few ngultrums for the game. People lavish on imported compound bow (by the way traditional archery is the national game) but the love for football is very tiny.
The football lovers, especially after both away and home win over Sri Lanka expected the national squad to perform another miracle and defeat, Hongkong and Qatar who owns some of the greatest football teams in England. Let us not expect a newly opened primary school kids to win from the high school boys.
Indeed, they have done enough. Qualifying for the second round was a history by itself and we should be proud of it. The dragon boys may have failed in skills and physique but the determination in their eyes was clear.
Let us all share the pride they have brought and the blame too.   

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