Monday, August 29, 2011


Can you find out what is wrong in the picture???

People take things for granted that we over look very simple things in life. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Land Problem at Gyelposhing

It is a great news that the Prime Minister (PM) has officially requested the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate the land problem at Gyelposhing in Mongar.

The gives ACC a chance to catch big fish as we are very sure that higher officials are involved in the issue. The big fish needs to be punished once so that the public feel what law is;- for all. Its not only the lower designated people who are corrupt, but the big bosses are too, and they indulge in planned practices.

These big fish plan things in such a way that when caught, they always have a way to throw the issue to others or point finger. And this time ACC should not give them opportunity to do so. Its high time ACC show what they can do with these kind of people.

It is a shame that people gamble on these issues leaving the poor and helpless ones uninformed. It is sign of great corruption taking place right under our nose, and that we are unaware of it.

So hats off to PM for his great concern and the media for bringing up the issue to the notice. We are very hopeful that some big fish will be caught and taught a lesson.

Best of Luck ACC and Hats off PM.

May the root of corruption be unearth and killed.

Pelden Drupa ......Gyalo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Rocky Elephant.......

The Rocky Elephant....
Beleive it or not.....
This is a very unique sight on a Rocky cliff beside the road. The cliff is located few kilometers from Chuzom Checkpost towards  Thimphu. Few years back, it wasnt painted but now it is beautifully decorated for people to have a good view.
The highway widening has to face a task of constructing a Retaintion wall as they could not break the cliff thatt the elephant stood.
According to locals, it is very religious place.

Drop of Memory

Admist the crowd of friends
i stand lonely
gazing at the memeories
As i recall them.
It isnt unusual for me.
Everytime i recall the time
when i was with my friends
who shared my laughter
and all my sorrows.
"Friend in need is a friend in deed"
i always demand their company.
Without them, I am a String-less bow
But I know Life isn't good always
not bed of roses.
I cant always be with them,
Life must go on...
without friends
which i can't think of.
In delima, i lay
As i am not sure
whether I can have my own Life
without them.
Oh God!, Please help me,
for I am Lost
in my world of thoughts.

(Dedicated to all my Friends whose company i always cherish)

My Mother

My Mother

oh! Mother, come hither
for i miss you a lot.
Others talk of their mother
But why cant i talk about you

Oh! Mother, i have missed
you for last 20 years
And i miss you a lot
As you left me forever

Oh! Mother, come back
Have I a Chance to feel
The warmth of your lap
And the sweetness of your hug.

Oh! Mother, You have left
The chickens in the world-
the world of sorrows
In that we survive remembering you

Oh! Mother, see us down
from the place you live there
for my heart longs
to see you again.....

(Dedicated to my Mom whom I never saw as she left too Early for me to remember)