Sunday, August 28, 2011

Land Problem at Gyelposhing

It is a great news that the Prime Minister (PM) has officially requested the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate the land problem at Gyelposhing in Mongar.

The gives ACC a chance to catch big fish as we are very sure that higher officials are involved in the issue. The big fish needs to be punished once so that the public feel what law is;- for all. Its not only the lower designated people who are corrupt, but the big bosses are too, and they indulge in planned practices.

These big fish plan things in such a way that when caught, they always have a way to throw the issue to others or point finger. And this time ACC should not give them opportunity to do so. Its high time ACC show what they can do with these kind of people.

It is a shame that people gamble on these issues leaving the poor and helpless ones uninformed. It is sign of great corruption taking place right under our nose, and that we are unaware of it.

So hats off to PM for his great concern and the media for bringing up the issue to the notice. We are very hopeful that some big fish will be caught and taught a lesson.

Best of Luck ACC and Hats off PM.

May the root of corruption be unearth and killed.

Pelden Drupa ......Gyalo

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