Sunday, September 25, 2011


Every Country in the world has its national language as their unique national identity. And Bhutan is proud to have Dzongkha as its national Language. But the Dzongkha spoken in our country has come a long way in its history.

It was spoken as Pure Dzongkha when it was declared as the national language. After few decades it mixed up with English words as people got western education and thus became DzongLish- meaning Dzongkha and English.

But Today Dzongkh has reached a new height; it is being blended with Hindi and Nepali thus becoming DzongNep and DzongHind. I am not a researcher or a linguist but i can sense the change in the style of talking in our national language.

I would like to give some examples of DzongNep and DzongHind:
1. Ga'ri- Vehicle
2. Ga'ri la- Motor Road
3. Bejheli- Electricity
4. Pa'ka'- Nice or Good
5. Pu'ra- All or whole
6. Baand- Close
7. Chutei- Holiday or off

There are many more words that we all use in our daily conversation. The question here is; Are these words really Dzongkha? These words are all borrowed words. People may think that I am ridiculous here but i think we are failing our basic responsibility of simply using basic dzongkha words.

Some words are there which lacks dzongkha words which forces us to use their their names like rice cooker, Fan, and so on but we the Bhutanese must realize to use at least the basic words or the words that have the Bhutanese version.

We think that with modernization, we must adapt with the pace; but are we compromising the security and sovereignty of our nation?

The new version of dzongkha is even used by high officials. We can hear them on television using these outside words not realizing that they are neglecting our own language.

so its high time now to realize and act what we are doing.

If you cant use all the dzongkha words, we must use at least the basic dzongkha words, after all its our own and that is the national language.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"If You have EXPERIENCE, We have vacancies" but not jobs

The recent job fair organized by the MoLHR was just for name sake or it was just to fulfill the promises made by the elected government that they have done their part. Though it was targeted for the fresh job seekers to find appropriate job and the organizations to find the correct person, many people doubt whether it served its objective or not. 

The fair had 1,050 vacancies announced for employment for graduates, class XII candidate and class X candidate but took only 235. Most of the job seekers were not satisfied by the availability of jobs. rather they were frustrated and disappointed looking at the job market scenario of the country. 

There was a great mismatch between the demand and the supply. the employers were all after "EXPERIENCE" or  in- service people while the job seekers were all fresh but ready to work. It is good that the employers are looking for these people as they will perform much better and benefit the organization, they should be taking in consideration other factors too.

If the employers all go for experience, then where will the fresh job seekers land up. How can we gain experience when we are not employed at all. We are all a part of society and somebody needs to give us opportunity to gain experience so that we can help others.

Its like asking for the fruit while you forget about planting a tree. Somebody needs to sow the seeds no matter who reaps the fruit. After all we are not going to work outside the country after your organization shower us with loads of experience, we are going to serve in the country and we are very sure you will be benefited in one way or the other.

And the Government should look into the issue as it may never solve the problem of unemployment because the same so called experience people will be rotating in all the vacancies. Are we not citizens of the nation? Cant we have the right? How can we get experienced ? 

We are not experienced, because We are not Employed
We are not employed, because We are not Experienced.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tashi Chho Dzong suffered a minor damage

PM announced that Tashi Chho Dzong suffered a minor damage in its Utse.

He quotes on Face Book...

Dear friends, Phone lins rem clogged reflecting our caring and close knit society. No damage reptd from east Bht. 4 rd blks causd by fallg debris r reptd on the Chukha - P'ling road. 2 homes in Haa report damage with 3/4 people having suffered minor injury. Thim Dzong has sustained some cracks in the Utse and one of the four corner towers. Occupants have been moved out to safer parts. Please remain calm and alert.
May the blessings of the triple gem protect us as always.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Board Exams for Class Three Students

The recent article by kuensel states that the children of class THREE are going to sit for board exams beginning this year. It was decided by the BBE which is now a autonomous body. The reason, they gave was, they wanted to assess the learning of the lower primary students through a common paper. It is also to assess the amount of syllabus taught in the lower primary schools by the teachers especially in the remote schools.

But the question here is; Are our Kids ready to face the board exams? I know people will say "Yes", but i don't think our kids are ready to face the board exams. Till now, class three students need to be guided while writing the exam papers, but i think the new paper doesn't allow that.People may think that, students, long time ago sat for board exams at early grades, but the learners are not  same. During that time, learners were as old as 16 years old wen they got to this grade which gave them opportunity to think n analyze. Today when children get to grade three, they are barely 8 years old, so they cant think well or analyze.

Another reason, they said was, to check the quantity taught by the teachers. does it mean that the teachers in our schools are not teaching well or were they not monitored? If they were not monitored, then whose fault is it? Our teachers in schools are really frustrated and please don't add oil to the fire. It will discourage them from doing what they are doing right now.

Can the board exam monitor the quality of education? Can it serve its purpose?