Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Recreational Areas............What are they for?

This is one of the many children parks in our country. Every stake holders is aware of the lack of basic amenities in our mushrooming towns. The need of recreational facility is one of the most important for the children and parents of a growing town were the space is becoming smaller every day with development activities. But this lacks everywhere , the few ones are underutilized or miss-utilize.

Whose responsibility is it to take care? This question has been thrown to and fro between the government and the citizen. The citizens are very fast to point the fingers at the government while the government is proud to blame the people.

I think the fault can be shared equally between the two parties. Firstly, the government, when coming up with such facilities, should plan regarding Where, How, When and Why of such developments. A proper place should be allocated by the government and not where the land is useless.The facility should be accessible by all the people of the town.
When being constructed, the quality of the facility should not be compromised at all which can pose risk to the lives of our children. The government should monitor the constructions rather than visiting few times when construction is going on and then never turning your eyes towards it. 

Provisions for such amenities should be kept in all the upcoming towns. Thinking later when the town has grown, could be like stitching warm clothes in peak winter. If possible, it can be constructed along with the town. 

The other half of the fault lies with the citizens. The users should develop the sense of belongingness and bear the responsibility of taking care. we should be aware when and how to use them. The recreation areas are meant for all and not only for you only. 

What ever the reasons may be, most of the recreation areas in our country are not serving their purpose. And the blame should be shouldered by us and us alone.

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