Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drop of Memory

Admist the crowd of friends
i stand lonely
gazing at the memeories
As i recall them.
It isnt unusual for me.
Everytime i recall the time
when i was with my friends
who shared my laughter
and all my sorrows.
"Friend in need is a friend in deed"
i always demand their company.
Without them, I am a String-less bow
But I know Life isn't good always
not bed of roses.
I cant always be with them,
Life must go on...
without friends
which i can't think of.
In delima, i lay
As i am not sure
whether I can have my own Life
without them.
Oh God!, Please help me,
for I am Lost
in my world of thoughts.

(Dedicated to all my Friends whose company i always cherish)


  1. Thanx man.......for encouraging me
    i hope to learn frm u guys a lot