Saturday, September 10, 2011

Board Exams for Class Three Students

The recent article by kuensel states that the children of class THREE are going to sit for board exams beginning this year. It was decided by the BBE which is now a autonomous body. The reason, they gave was, they wanted to assess the learning of the lower primary students through a common paper. It is also to assess the amount of syllabus taught in the lower primary schools by the teachers especially in the remote schools.

But the question here is; Are our Kids ready to face the board exams? I know people will say "Yes", but i don't think our kids are ready to face the board exams. Till now, class three students need to be guided while writing the exam papers, but i think the new paper doesn't allow that.People may think that, students, long time ago sat for board exams at early grades, but the learners are not  same. During that time, learners were as old as 16 years old wen they got to this grade which gave them opportunity to think n analyze. Today when children get to grade three, they are barely 8 years old, so they cant think well or analyze.

Another reason, they said was, to check the quantity taught by the teachers. does it mean that the teachers in our schools are not teaching well or were they not monitored? If they were not monitored, then whose fault is it? Our teachers in schools are really frustrated and please don't add oil to the fire. It will discourage them from doing what they are doing right now.

Can the board exam monitor the quality of education? Can it serve its purpose?

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