Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"If You have EXPERIENCE, We have vacancies" but not jobs

The recent job fair organized by the MoLHR was just for name sake or it was just to fulfill the promises made by the elected government that they have done their part. Though it was targeted for the fresh job seekers to find appropriate job and the organizations to find the correct person, many people doubt whether it served its objective or not. 

The fair had 1,050 vacancies announced for employment for graduates, class XII candidate and class X candidate but took only 235. Most of the job seekers were not satisfied by the availability of jobs. rather they were frustrated and disappointed looking at the job market scenario of the country. 

There was a great mismatch between the demand and the supply. the employers were all after "EXPERIENCE" or  in- service people while the job seekers were all fresh but ready to work. It is good that the employers are looking for these people as they will perform much better and benefit the organization, they should be taking in consideration other factors too.

If the employers all go for experience, then where will the fresh job seekers land up. How can we gain experience when we are not employed at all. We are all a part of society and somebody needs to give us opportunity to gain experience so that we can help others.

Its like asking for the fruit while you forget about planting a tree. Somebody needs to sow the seeds no matter who reaps the fruit. After all we are not going to work outside the country after your organization shower us with loads of experience, we are going to serve in the country and we are very sure you will be benefited in one way or the other.

And the Government should look into the issue as it may never solve the problem of unemployment because the same so called experience people will be rotating in all the vacancies. Are we not citizens of the nation? Cant we have the right? How can we get experienced ? 

We are not experienced, because We are not Employed
We are not employed, because We are not Experienced.

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