Thursday, December 22, 2011


I know i am not an activist nor an environmentalist to be talking about things, but as a citizen of the nation, i present the following simple issue to the readers.

I had the privilege to travel from Tsirang to Thimphu, a countable times and enjoy the beauty of our nation and the gigantic Punatshangchu Project. But every time i travel i am very disturbed by the scene on the road side along the Waklaytar checkpost and the PHPA site.

Every time i travel, i always see the road very narrowed by the huge pine logs which lay along the highway. I just wonder why these many trees are felled when the nation is worrying about the degrading natural environment. If it is for timber, I am very sure concerned agency has a criteria to issue the permit like density of trees in the forest. Looking at the forest there, the forest doesn't look too rich with the tree.

Some people said the trees were felled by the BPC as a precaution for their new electric lines running through the forest. But how many and how long is BPC going to do this?. Because two years ago i happened to come across the same issue and wonder how many more trees are to be felled.

It would be very safe for the travelers if the logs are piled neatly rather than keeping them as they rolled down. I know, with my limited knowledge, i may not be convincing what i wanted to say rather than raising eyebrows of others. But as a simple Bhutanese I am using my right to write what i think is of some importance.

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