Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is DPT doing?

Many interesting things are happening after our beautiful country glided herself to democracy. The most remarkable was the CDG.

Despite the huge wave of rejection, DPT pushed itself and thus came the CDG. National council and the opposition warned DPT for taking the constitution in their own hands but that did not deter their decission. The public, especially the educated ones were also not happy with the push.

After the grant was given, the LG with consultation with the people, filled up the small unplanned activities in the gewog. People became so depended to CDG, that even for a small farm road maintenance, people came up with excuses and requested for the grant.

Now people are used-to the grant. They have planned small acttivities which does not come under the alloted budget.

But SURPRISE!!! no more CGD. The government, recently, told. What is DPT doing? Does it mean DPT has realized its mistake? Then why so late? or Is it another way of confusing us?

Whatever it may be, the government must be doing the best thing they can do. Let us pray we are going towards the light.

Palden Drukpa...Gyal lo!!!

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