Monday, January 28, 2013

Politics and Job!!!!

Bhutan is a small country and one of the youngest democratic Nation in the world, yet it has shown her beauty and charm in becoming one of the most peaceful country. She became democratic with, our beloved Druk Gyalpos handing over the nation to the people after serving her for 100n years.

With democracy came the politics, which was very new to our peaceful people. The country saw her first election in the year 2008 though there were only two political parties. Bhutan saw many civil servants going into politics which created space for younger generation.

Now the term for the first elected members are coming to an end. today we have 5 registered parties. Keeping in account the number of constituencies, three new parties will require at least 141 degree holder competing for the second Assembly.

This is great chance for the youths to get jobs as big bosses will be out for politics and the hierarchical seats will be filled up by the lower rank officers. so a huge number of vacancies will be created, and the unemployment worry (at least for some) will be solved.

It is the time for the younger generations to show their leadership skills and lead their team. it the chance to prove that you can make a difference.

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