Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who shall we trust???

Our country has suffered a economy downfall as waves from from India reached Bhutan. Our Ngultrum value flactuates with the rupee of India as they are par.
So the rate of dollar keeps on changing time to time. Our economy is bound to bend with Indian Economy. But the question here is, What is the actual exchange rate for US dollar?
Recently, on 17th Nov. 2013, to be precise, i somehow though of looking at the exchange rate as i was reading the kuenselonline. The exchange rate was 63.3 but i checked the RMA website and was surprised to see the exchange rate; 62.15(buy) and 64.2(sell).
Now whom shall we believe? If we back RMA for his authority and fact, then why is Kuensel not updating accordingly? I think kuensel need to check with RMA and update the rates because Kuenselonline is one of the widely viewed Bhutanese website.
And if kuensel is wrong, why is RMA not correcting ? RMA as a governing body should advise anyone dealing with money of the nation.
Kuensel, on the other hand shall take up the responsibility of informing the nation correctly.

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