Friday, June 20, 2014

Father- the liar

Father- the liar
Dad, you are the head of the family,
the bright light in the darkest of the dark.
Your face is gorgeous like the lily,
Our innocent heart in you we park.

Promises to fulfill did you make,
Happiness did you bring in our face.
the innocent children’s sake
Unstoppable was your pace.

Your promises were sour to believe,
We wondered what wonder would you bring.
Father, fear for further fail were in cue,
Sweet sentimental songs did we sing.

The wound of your unfilled wishes are out
and the blood thirsty creatures
are waiting to shout
as you sit on the bleachers.

Please father, heal the wound fast,
for the creatures are waiting for a chance.
Our house is becoming a history of the past
let not others further dance.

Promises the leaders make...

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