Friday, June 20, 2014

Taken for Granted

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People say that Asians are very lazy and take things for granted. People refrain from bothering too much; be it their character or laziness. We scratch our own surroundings and forgot about others.

And Bhutanese are no exception. I, being one of them, accept my fault. We are very religious minded that we avoid looking mistakes in others or correcting. We fear our goodwill and friendship's fate if we point out the mistakes in others.

Are we really doing justice when we do not point out someone's mistake? The questions may garner a different response from each one you and i accept it. As an individual, you have the right to express and justify your thoughts.

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As a lay person, i think we must be ready to point out any mistakes in others work so that he/she will be on his/her toes when doing the next task. it will remind the person to be more careful and mindful. one will be alert not to repeat the mistake because no one will like when your mistakes are pointed time and agin.

On the other hand, a person should be ready to accept his mistake. One must take it in a positive step to sharpen yourself. One must be grateful if someone det
ects a mistake in your work. It show the person is following you and you are making some difference in his/her life.

We Bhutanese have "Khey-Meyd", attitude. We feel sorry for the person who made the mistake and portray our "its-ok" attitude. Its high time we change ourselves and our attitude. Pointing out mistakes can be a dharma as long as your intention is good.
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Let us correct each other with good intention.

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