Saturday, July 7, 2012

ROADS IN our country

The people of our country wanted development........and our government responded. Every amenities were brought in front of us.  Every dzongkhag in the country is now connected with Peace road and other necessary public facilities.
But the problem now is, the conditions of the amenities are deteriorating with time. Let us look at the road conditions in the country. The road connectivity in the country is very poor now.
Our roads are very narrow and and steep. We can understand that our geographical terrains play the role here and nobody can do anything.
secondly our roads are showered with lots of sharp turns. Take your eyes off the road fraction of second and you will be greeted by a sharp turn(Hope nothing happens)
Thirdly our roads are purely maintained. Despite the annual maintenance, our roads cannot withstand the present situation.
Fourth, our roads are very sensitive to seasons. In winter most of our roads are damaged by snow and ice and in summer by rain.
Cant our planners do something?????

Writing from future citizen

The Golden Touch
Do you know who changed me?
Wonder how I was then?

I was a boy known by all
Not for my good things
But for my naughty behavior
Just didn’t listen to anyone

I was known to others
As a drunken boy
Tobacco was my best friend
And missing classes was regular

I took my friends
Not in the right way
But in my bad direction
Which some followed?

I know I was not doing well
But I could not change
I wanted help for this
But who would help me

One fine unlucky day
I was caught by the teachers
For abusing tobacco
And I was I was not the only one.

Then a light came to me
And brightened my mind
He saved me from the sea
In which I was drowning

His advice touched my heart
He asked me to think
Deep about myself and my family
My friends and my school

I know he loved me
For he stopped me
From those unhealthy things
For which I thank him

Thank you teacher
You have touched my heart
And changed my life
Forever for good

Dewan Saru
Class VI
(Future citizen)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

True Bhutanese

The recent interview aired on BBS with Ex-Dasho Dzongda Jigme Zanpo was very inspiring. His words touch the views to their hearts. We all expect to own a piece of land and flat in the towns after we resign, but Dasho did jst the opposite.
I am very sure no one will think to help your village or your village fellows after your active service is done.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Golden words

The kasho that was read at the National Council yesterday

Should the houses of Parliament deliberate the merits and demerits of the Land Bill of Bhutan 2012, it is my hope that Parliament will arrive at a resolution that is in keeping with the aspirations of our people in civil service, private sector, civil society and in the 205 gewogs of our 20 dzongkhags.
Irrespective of whether a new act is found necessary or not, it is my duty as the Druk Gyalpo to ensure that State Land and Assets are preserved in the interest of Bhutanese citizens – present and future generations – so that our people’s aspiration to own land and home may be fulfilled, while their right to share in the wealth and progress of our nation is protected – for all time.
Thus, as a matter of principle, I, the Druk Gyalpo, must state that in this modern time, in a small nation where land is scarce and the value of urban land continues to rise along with the possibility of ownership of land and wealth being concentrated in the hands of a few, there is no justification for exempting particular persons, whether royal family members or wealthy individuals, from the land ceiling. Except for institutions of State, no individual should be exempt from the land ceiling and other provisions that apply to the general public of Bhutan.
Thus, as I have not perused the Land Bill of Bhutan 2012 – the draft may need to be edited to reflect my views stated above, if they are not already contained in the Bill.
This Message is hereby granted on the 15th of June 2012 to the Speaker and Chair of the respective houses of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the Leader of Opposition.
His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo

The Kasho from our beloved that was read in the National Council reminded the people how wise our leader is. We can see many leaders in front of us but we rarely see leaders with great vision and wisdom.

His Majesty have given the MPs who are the policy makers, a power to stand above all. The power should now, be used to frame laws without fear or repercussion. The kasho should serve as a tool to defend any wrong going in law making especially the present proposed land Act.

As visioned by our king, no one should be spared by the law. The law should be of the same weight for the lay people as well as the highest ranking people. This should be kept in mind by the policy and law makers.

Palden Drukpa ...
Gyalo !!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is DPT doing?

Many interesting things are happening after our beautiful country glided herself to democracy. The most remarkable was the CDG.

Despite the huge wave of rejection, DPT pushed itself and thus came the CDG. National council and the opposition warned DPT for taking the constitution in their own hands but that did not deter their decission. The public, especially the educated ones were also not happy with the push.

After the grant was given, the LG with consultation with the people, filled up the small unplanned activities in the gewog. People became so depended to CDG, that even for a small farm road maintenance, people came up with excuses and requested for the grant.

Now people are used-to the grant. They have planned small acttivities which does not come under the alloted budget.

But SURPRISE!!! no more CGD. The government, recently, told. What is DPT doing? Does it mean DPT has realized its mistake? Then why so late? or Is it another way of confusing us?

Whatever it may be, the government must be doing the best thing they can do. Let us pray we are going towards the light.

Palden Drukpa...Gyal lo!!!