Saturday, July 7, 2012

ROADS IN our country

The people of our country wanted development........and our government responded. Every amenities were brought in front of us.  Every dzongkhag in the country is now connected with Peace road and other necessary public facilities.
But the problem now is, the conditions of the amenities are deteriorating with time. Let us look at the road conditions in the country. The road connectivity in the country is very poor now.
Our roads are very narrow and and steep. We can understand that our geographical terrains play the role here and nobody can do anything.
secondly our roads are showered with lots of sharp turns. Take your eyes off the road fraction of second and you will be greeted by a sharp turn(Hope nothing happens)
Thirdly our roads are purely maintained. Despite the annual maintenance, our roads cannot withstand the present situation.
Fourth, our roads are very sensitive to seasons. In winter most of our roads are damaged by snow and ice and in summer by rain.
Cant our planners do something?????

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