Saturday, July 7, 2012

Writing from future citizen

The Golden Touch
Do you know who changed me?
Wonder how I was then?

I was a boy known by all
Not for my good things
But for my naughty behavior
Just didn’t listen to anyone

I was known to others
As a drunken boy
Tobacco was my best friend
And missing classes was regular

I took my friends
Not in the right way
But in my bad direction
Which some followed?

I know I was not doing well
But I could not change
I wanted help for this
But who would help me

One fine unlucky day
I was caught by the teachers
For abusing tobacco
And I was I was not the only one.

Then a light came to me
And brightened my mind
He saved me from the sea
In which I was drowning

His advice touched my heart
He asked me to think
Deep about myself and my family
My friends and my school

I know he loved me
For he stopped me
From those unhealthy things
For which I thank him

Thank you teacher
You have touched my heart
And changed my life
Forever for good

Dewan Saru
Class VI
(Future citizen)

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