Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ad hoc scholarship

Today our government sponsors lot of students for their further studies, one of them the scholarship after class XII.
Apart from the scholarship provided by our government, Bhutan also receives lot of great opportunities from other nations, institutions and organizations offering our children a life-time opportunity. Every year, a handsome number of students get scholarship through RGoB, GoI, AusAid and many more to study outside Bhutan.
Students are given right to choose the course of their choice but those who fail to qualify (and those who are not willing) left home to pursue higher studies in our colleges.
If I am not mistaken, many scholarships are also received by DHAE every year after the selection for in-country colleges are done. And one of the highlighted criteria is “candidates who are selected for any in-country colleges are not eligible” (I think I didn’t get the exact words, pardon me)
My suggestion for DAHE. Do not accept ad hoc scholarship after all the selection for in-country is done. I shall present my opinion as follows:
1.       Not a option for lower-class children
Usually, when selections are done, the lower class children rush to get things done fast fearing the admission pressure in the colleges. Some (if not most) have no choice but to take what is offered. Their parents can’t offer to send on their own neither can they get job with class XII certificate.
But upper class parents keep their children home waiting for the right course and when ad hoc scholarships are announced, they are the only people who can avail it (Despite the fact that their parents can afford sending them) because all others who are qualified are selected for in-country colleges.

2.       Not the right candidate
If the scholarship is accepted after the in-country selection is done, there are chances that the right candidate for the course may not be sent.

3.       Gambling with their future
There are chances that some parents (lower class) would gamble to keep their children from admitting in the country hoping to get this kind of scholarship. And, in case the child does not get the scholarship, then we are gambling with his future as the parents can’t afford to send on their own.
I know it’s a great chance for our children to study outside for exposure but the ad hoc scholarship deprives many aspiring students.
What if DAHE does not accept any ad hoc scholarship?
Well it may not be possible but this is just my thought.

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